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What we do

EUDECO provides assistance in mobilizing the resources needed to carry out projects ideas and initiatives.
This assistance ranges from a first analysis to identify the ad-hoc instruments or programmes, to formulate and implement projects, including their evaluation, up to more dedicated activities.
Preliminary analysis

We discuss with you about your project ideas, your needs and your organisations.

We understand your experience, your partners and your field of action.

We define the strategy to undertake, through a step-by-step approach.


Program identification


Once we have clarified your needs and ideas, we proceed in identifying the instrument, programme or contact which suits you.


We analyse any possible instrument or opportunity which is available or when this will become available, thus providing you with an important advantage for preparing in advance your project.

Preparatory actions


Once the opportunity is identified, we work on preparatory activities in order to get ready and to verify that any component or partner is not missing.


We collect drafts, administrative documents and any other information useful for the project preparation.


Project formulation

​On the basis of all the information we gathered, we will go through the project formulation.

We will work together with you, advising on each step in order to make your idea eligible and to raise your chances to get the resources you ask for. 


Applying directly to international funds is not the only way to find financial resources for your projects.

Many other opportunities are available. Also, you may need a contact or partner in a specific country.

We prepare with you a practical strategy to address ad-hoc entities and institutions.

Project management

Once the project starts, you have to execute it in line with the funding agreement.

​This will ensure a smooth project management and will raise your possibilities of being involved in future and additional activities. We will support you on this important activity.


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